6 months old baby

Question: My baby poops every time after she is breast fed. In a day she poops nearly 6 times and the consistency of poop is pasty. Is it normal to poop 6 times a day

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Answer: Hi,,as long as she is in breastfeeding,no need to worry,,its quite normal,, even 8-10times should be fine.drink more water than usual and breastfeed her,, it's good for your baby it protects from dehydration.
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Question: My baby is pooping after every meal and the poop looks normal. Atleast 4to 5 times a day she poops. Is this normal?
Answer: Its normal and if they poop only we will get to know they are digesting well and if it is too watery and if it more than usual then you need to consult the doctor
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Question: My 2months old baby poops nearly 4-5 times for past 2 days.. in yellow colour with seedy or foamy consistency.. and he poops mostly during breastfeeding support only. please let me know if it is normal to poop so many times a day? What is the maximum number of times 2month old baby can poop in a day?
Answer: Hi, yes it is completely normal that breastfeed baby can pass motion 3 to 4 times in a day at the same time it is completely normal if the breast feed baby passes motion once in 3-4 days, so do not worry Also the motions of breastfeed baby are more on semisolid .so don't worry
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Question: My baby poop after her every feed.. in a day she goes 3 to 4 times... Is it normal
Answer: It is normal for a breast feed baby to poop upto 6times a day... It wud even vary from child to child
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