4 months old baby

Question: My baby poo is green in colour and poo is like bubbles... with liquid form...wht does it mean i m very worried

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Answer: Hi.. Dear green stool is usually the result of a high quantity of leafy, green vegetables in mother's diet.If food moves too quickly through the intestine, bile pigment can't break down sufficient lying, resulting in green frothy stool. Nothing to worry, however, you can apply little asafoetida mixed in luke warm water on the tummy of your baby twice or thrice, it will give him/her some relief.
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Question: My baby poo is mixed with yellow and greenish ash in colour wt does it mean
Answer: Hello dear  greenish stools in baby can indicate: an imbalance of foremilk, hindmilk, often resulting in  greenish stools. Also baby is sensitive to the mother's diet. Also colour change can be when the baby is trying to achieve milestones. After acheiving the milestone the colour will become normal.
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Question: What does a slight greenish yellow poo mean and poo with bubbles mean?
Answer: Hello... Green colour poop indicate an imbalance of fore milk or hind milk, offering green colour frothy stool,it can be due to sensitivity to something in mother's diet, it an also be due to your baby is drinking more milk in one time,this can hit his tummy too fast,and creates air bubbles and make green poop,since your baby is in breastfeeding, mother's diet play an vital role in digestion process, so it should fullfill baby's need Mother's should take food in regular intervals, you can 5-6 small meals, will helps to reduce gas. Please don't Starve yourself,it will increase the problem Take fiber rich diet, comprises of wholegraibs,cereals, millets Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, you can also take veg with high water content like pumpkin, cucumber, raddish,plantain stem,celery,it can taken in the form of soups,salads,sabji Avoid caffeine,cold drinks,packed foods,deep fried items Keep yourself hydrated,drink 10 - 12 glasses of water, you can also have fruit juice too Drink butter milk will reduce dehydration and releives for constipation Intake of figs and prunes will help your baby releive in constipation Boil water with ajwan seed ,and then drink,it helps a lot for indigestion.
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Question: My baby's stool is green and has foam or bubbles... Wht does it mean anf what should I do?
Answer: Hello dear. If stool has visible mucus or green in color it can be a sign of bacterial infections. It also happens if the baby is on more of formula milk. You can consult your pediatrician, so that the doctor would be able to treat this. Not to worry, your baby would be fine. Take care.
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