3 months old baby

Question: My baby peeing almost 20 times a day what is reason?

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Answer: Dear if the flow is fine then dnt worry.actually when baby gets enough feed then they would pee more..in case baby is crying while peeing then do chck with doctor..
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Question: My 15 day olddaughter is peeing Almost 5 times in an hour .. Is there a reason to worry
Answer: Hi Dear, New born babies will often pee more times. If the baby is in breast feeding pee count will be more. 5 timeas in an hour is normal , however freequent urination indicates the baby get more hydrated and the bladder will be healthy. No need to get panic unless the baby get any other illness.
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Question: My baby is peeing a lot .. like around 15-20 times a day .. is it ok ?
Answer: Hi dear, baby doing pee means baby is hydrated and getting enough milk but it can also be because baby must be feeling cold then just make sure baby is well covered other than that its absolutely fine..
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Question: My baby is peeing a lot... He almost passed urine 7 times in 20 minutes
Answer: Should consult doctor immediately coz frequent urine and motion will reduce your babies energy so plz consult doc immediately
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