3 months old baby

Question: My baby passing urine more than 10 times what to do?it is normal

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Answer: Don't worrier it is normal
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Question: How many times 40 days baby pass urine.. My baby passing more than 10 times present.. Is it normal??
Answer: Hllo dear if ur baby s doing more than 10 times pee its completely normal its a good sign that baby s getting enough breast milk .so nothing 2 worry abht
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Question: My baby passing urine more then 20 times what to do is it normal please answer
Answer: Hello! Yes, it is absolutely normal. Moreover you might also find the baby passing urine every two minutes which is again normal. It happens due to the reason that the baby at this age do not have any bladder control. Take care
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Question: My baby boy passing urine more than 10 times and crying lot baby get enough milk or not passing pee more than 4 times what I am doing
Answer: If your baby passes pee more thn 8 to 9 times that means he is getting correct amount of milk He must b having stomachache apply hing on stomach n not on belly button
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