3 months old baby

Question: my baby passing urine more than 20-25 times in day time but in night time only 1 r 2 times? is ths normal

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Answer: What per day 20 times ah . Mam it's not normal kindly check with doctor is he s gaining weight check all .
Answer: Normal only
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Question: My 6 months old baby passing urine more than 20 times in a day, is it normal?
Answer: Some babies do pass a lot of urine. My baby too used to pass urine around 15-20 times a day. It means baby is well hydrated. But if you want can check with doctor once to confirm if there USD any infection or not.
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Question: My baby frequent urine means baby getting enough milk I'm bm only in night time baby passing 2times only but he will be sleeping 9. To 5cl he will sleep day time more than 15 times passing urine
Answer: HI Dear,Baby bladder is little they hold upto 15ml ,so they empty it frequently, its quite common in babies,they pass urine 12 to 15 times,So dont worry, Feed frequently breastmilk .
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Question: My baby is passing urine very frequently...more than 25 times in a day...is it normal....she going motion normal only....??? How times passing urine is normal????
Answer: Totally normal. If climate is cool, my son passes urine every 5 min also for sometime. Don't worry
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