3 months old baby

Question: My baby passing urine for 10 to 20 times per day he is on totally bm if it is normal and daily he use to go motion

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Answer: Yes it is absolutely normal and feel proud that u got a healthy baby. Because if he is having breast milk and passing 10 20 times it denotes he is having good digestion system and if he is empty he will ask for milk again. Hope it helps
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Question: My child is now 28 days old . He passing urine frequently, 15 -20 TIMES per day . Is it normal.
Answer: Hi dear It is normal to pass the urine frequently especially for new borns.The more they feed the more they pass the urine ..the babies who are feeding formula milk will tend to urinate more times compared to breastfeeding.sodont worry about this and feed him happily and please clean keep his bed dry as possible as u can to avoid disturbing his sleep..
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Question: My child 17 months old. He passing 15 times urine per day is it normal?!
Answer: Hi Yes dear infact it is good it indicates that your baby is well hydrated and feed So don't bother take care
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Question: My baby 53 days old she is passing urine 10-15 times per day is it normal?
Answer: That's completly normal dnt worry ...make sure he passes urine..
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