3 months old baby

Question: My baby passing stool like clouts..is any problem..like yelloish curd is there any problem?.

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Answer: Hello dear Mucous in the babys poop is a cause of concern. Babies who are breastfed may be more likely to have mucus in their poop because their stool passes through their intestines. In such case, u have to change ur diet. If a baby is formula-fed, a doctor may recommend switching formulas to a milk-free.
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Question: My baby passing green colour stool ...is there any problem??
Answer: If you are giving FM to your baby it's quite normal. No need to be worried
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Question: My baby is passing yellow stool but before he was passing yellow stool is there any problem i'm worried
Answer: Hi dear, Did you mean your baby passing green stool now,and before he was passing yellow stool? I think you need to clarify that in your query first. I am assuming your baby is pooing green. Babies of this age does poop of various textures and most of them has nothing to worry about.few reasons for green color poop: 1-imbalance of foremilk/hindmilk in mother's 2-sensitivity from mother's diet like cow milk 3-stomach infection 4- viral infections like cold Unless your baby is in any kind of discomfort,not to worry about the poop color.yes,you must report to doctor,if you find blood in stool,color of the poop is white or black.alao refer to Healofy app regularly for complete baby care and post pregnancy tips.
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Question: My baby is passing green stool..what does it indicates ..is there any problem ??
Answer: Hi Green stools in babies is normal,Because newborns and infants should only consume breast milk or formula, the color of their stool tends to be more consistent than it is in older children. Breastfed babies typically have a mustard-yellow stool. It may look seedy or have slight hints of green..stool colur may change with the mother's diet.Formula-fed babies should have tan or yellow poop with traces of green. Sometimes the poop may look more green than others.the baby shows no other signs of illness, loose stools or green stools are probably not because of diarrhea..if any other symptoms will persist then call peadeatrician for other treatment ok
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