3 years old baby

Question: My baby os getting cold frequently, i m worried about his immune system. Whenever I take to doctor they only ask for giving nebulization , budecort and duolin , giving them around 1 month. After 1 course again it stars within 15 days ,plz suggest me

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Answer: Dear baby is small so baby's immunity is weak so dont worry as the baby will grow it will be fine on its own but till then give Nebulize or steam to your baby regular that will give relief to baby..
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Question: Iam.mother of twins boys my babies are 15 days old and and my milk is not sufficient for them so I use formula milk whenever iam giving formula milk to my baby he always vomit and his suffering from cold also plz help is there any problem and they are pooping after giving bm
Answer: Aapko aise lgta h k unhe proper milk ni mil rha h...bt aisa kuch ni h..jb b aap feed krwate ho unhe unke face ko dekhte h...baby ko feel krwaye k aapka dhyan unki traf hi h...or saath me baby k hips pr haath ferte rhe
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Question: My babies are 38 days old.. from the beginning they are on formula milk but i was giving them my milk too around 100ml for a day. But after few dsys i got piles and cold so i avoid to feed them.. now i my milk production is stopped..i m taking Lacter tablet . I am worried about milk secretion..is it possible to have milk production again...? 8s formula milk is good ?
Answer: Hi, I have tried it. It is a painfull process , you can remove express more milk with breast pumps than manual. But don't use it regularly use it after every two days.
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Question: my baby is 3 months old. since his birth he is having gas trouble.I used to give him breast milk n lactogen 1. when he was 2 months old,he had stomach infection n was doing vomitting and potty..After giving him medicines for abt 20 days , he wasn't improving. Then doctor asked me to only give breast milk and not formula for 5 dàys.I gave only breastmilk but still he was doing watery potty many times a day n had mucus in it.Then again doctor told me to stop giving him breastmilk and recommended a lactose free milk for diarrhoea and my baby stopped doing poop again n again. now from abt 10 days i am giving him this milk and he is fine. he often does vomitting after meals bt his potty is right.but whenever i tried giving him breast milk once or twice in a day, he starts doing poop 3-4 times a day.Inspite of all this,his weight is fine n he is active.I am so worried about his health for not able to digest breastmilk n whats the problem with him and how long he has to take this lactose free milk
Answer: Hello dear, don't panic, some babies can't bear lactose,and they have lactose tolerance issues. and not able to drink breastmilk or formula milk. You can give lactose free milk till 6 month or can discuss with your doctor about it.
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