40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My baby is7days old... When she was 4 days old she had jaundice 17.39gm.... we consulted our doctor he told baby need phototherapy..... Now she was 7days old.... Now jaundice 12.3gms.... is it safe or not

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Answer: It's nothing to worry..it's normal level.do one thing early morning sun light is very gud remedy for this..put your baby to sun light in the morning for 20 mints it's enough..
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Question: My baby was diagnosed with jaundice when she was 4 days old and was put in phototherapy. Now she is 5 weeks old and her eyes are slight yellowish. Is it normal ?
Answer: Yes.. after few days yellow color will disappear.. don't worry, keep breastfeeding and vitamin d syrup...
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Question: Hello doc, mine is normal delivery at the week 37 n after 2 days of delivery my baby had a jaundice we had given single phototherapy it was not affected much so we had told to give double phototherapy cuz it was around 23 n when i got discharged after 8 days of birth the level was 10 now my baby eyes are still bit yellowish is it the thing i should worry abt?
Answer: No.. you need not worry. Babies now a days usually born with jaundice.. when the level was 10n it is considered to be a normal value for 8 day baby.. To reduce the yellowish in baby's eye let her to direct sunlight in early morning for atleast 10mts a day till it vanishes...
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Question: my baby boy is 34 days old...he had jaundice (24) when he was 3 days old...he has taken under phototherapy for 6 days...but still now his face seems yellow...pls tell wht to do
Answer: Hello dear.. neonatal jaundice is quite common in newborns,it is caused due to increase in billrubin value,can be checked after72 hours of birth,if the value is high, doctor will suggest phototherapy for few days,don't worry dear,it will gradually decrease,since you are breast-feeding you can have more water,juice,tender coconut,and feed your baby,it Wii helps in reducing billrubin value,after discharge show your baby in morning sunlight from 7-8am,it is rich with natural vitamin D,helps a lot in reducing billrubin value and it is a great immunity booster for newborns
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Question: My baby is 7 days old and appearing slight yellowish. He was given phototherapy for 48 hrs when he was 4 days old..in how many days such newborn jaundice disappears with exposure to sunlight?
Answer: Hi dear f you expose baby expose baby to sunlight everyday in the morning & rvening jaundice will reduce within one week dear.
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