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Question: My baby 3months old...not sufficient milk 2feed her and she is ignoring bottle milk?foods 2 b gvn for 3months old

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Answer: Hi dear I have not heard even a single case of giving food to a 3 months baby... Please don't apply that... Yes you can give her formula milk... If she is not taking by bottle than try to feed her by spoon
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    Roja Galibe469 days ago

    Thanku dear for ur suggestion even I tried by spoon she refusing it...she splits out formula milk what to do and she is hungry she wants only my milk ...and I don't get much milk.....help me out dear today she cried a lot ...and slept without drinking formula milk...she needs my milk

Answer: In 6 months only food are prescribed by doctors Now baby can digest only milk.....
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Question: My baby is 4 months old and now i am trying to give her top feed as breast milk is not sufficient for her. She is not taking bottle.. What to do.
Answer: Hi dear For babies till 6 months atleast breast feed alone is recommended..as babies digestive system are still not matuared....you can try to improve your diet which helps for more secretion of milk.... breast milk is very rich in developing immune system and also healthy growth of baby...so breast feeding atleast a year should be given..if you feel you have less secretion dont make less feeding baby your secretion ll improve only if you keep feeding baby either milk is there or not..for secretion you take iron and protein rich diets like dates boiled with milk,soya,garlic,jaggery,carrots,greens especially moringa leaf and dry nuts which helos to increase your lactation
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Question: My baby is 10months old my milk is not sufficient for her....can I giv baby horlicks for her
Answer: No don't give horlicks and other health for the baby up to 2 yrs and give homemade ragi porridge and barely and fruit juices
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Question: My baby is 3 months and 4 days old. She is not taking bottle milk as my breast milk is not enough for her. What should i do to introduce her bottle?
Answer: Hi Mommy, one of the milestone you are trying to achieve by giving your baby bottle which is great. Introduce baby to bottle has to be fun for baby so that they can take it happily and your life could also be easier. Here are few tips i used to convince by baby to take bottle. Hopefully this will help you as well.  Offer him a bottle in the evening after his regular feeding to get him used to the nipple. Start with a small amount of breast milk – about half an ounce. Try a slow-flow nipple. For some babies, especially infants, a regular nipple may flood them with milk. If your baby gags when using a bottle, replace his nipple with a slow-flow one to see if that helps. Let someone else feed him the first bottle. If you try to give your baby his first bottle, he may wonder why he's not getting your breast. He may be less confused if someone else makes the introduction. Ask your mother, your partner, a childcare provider, or a friend to help. Try to be out of the house. A baby can smell his mother, even from a distance, so he may know that you (and your breasts) are just in the next room.
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