5 months old baby

Question: My baby 5months old and till now he didn't flip.He is trying to bend to his sides.is it normal and i should wait?

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Answer: Hi! Every baby is different and so are their developmental skill. Babies need strong neck muscle to roll over, few babies do it at 4 months and few may do it at 5 th or 6 th months. Please dont worry, baby will do everything with time and when he is ready just keep giving tummy time to the baby . Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is 5months and 10 days old..till now he didn't roll on his tummies ..Is it necessary to roll on before 6th month
Answer: Dear all baby learn and do thing on their own time. So we cant fix any time. If baby is not rolling then dont worry just give proper tummy time to baby regularly that will encourage baby and help him roll.
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Question: Hello mothers..... My baby is now months old. Till now he was not at all trying to sit and he was not keeping his head straight.. What can I do for that..? Is it normal or should I consult doctor
Answer: Give some babies do take time to cover the milestone so it is completely normal as all babies have different growth patterns.. so don't worry just give tummy time to your baby regularly that will help baby to hold his head and try to sit on it's own..
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Question: Hi... my baby boy is 4 months(17 weeks) old and his weight is 7.500 gms... he didn't role over till now.. is it normal?
Answer: Yes every baby is different they take Thier own time don't be panic its normal
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