4 months old baby

Question: my baby of 4 months is too muxh gassy though m giving him colic drops nd ghutti bt no bennefiy

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Answer: Hello Gas can be very painful and can cause alot of discomfort to the baby. Try these tips Hing paste-hing and water boil it together and apply around navel are in circular motion. Massage tummy area with warm oil daily for 5 mins to 8 mins Leg exercises by holding your baby's legs and moving them in cycling motion or bycycle legs. Burp hold your baby up with head on your shoulder and slowly pat his back for 15-20 mins atleast even if he burps in first few minutes Make sure you feed your baby at slightly elevated angle These tips should definitely help your baby and prevent further gas problems. If it does not help try colicaid drops.
Answer: Use gastica 4 drops before feeding 15 min
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Question: My baby is 2 month 1 week old he is very gassy all the time n cranky too...i m giving him colic aid drops but thre is no imprvmnt....do smelly gas in babies normal...
Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s 2 months old .Colic or gas s the common problem in infants ...its due to mother irregular food...whatever mother takes it ll go to baby through bf...so mother should take healthy nd light food.. dont take Urad dal..chana dal. .besan.. jackfruit...cabbage nd cauliflower..when u take these type of food and give bf to baby then colic prevent in babys stomatch..above symptoms happen...so try to avoid these things... whenever u feed ur baby put him on ur hands for 10 to.15 min untill he bumbs....message ur babys stomatch regularly...whenever u see these types of symptoms ..take 1 spoon water add hing nd mix it apply on babys belly button...it ll give instant relief... when baby have colic it ll be take 1 day or 2 4 hours to get relief. U can try this also take Jaiphal powder mix it in breast feed nd give it to baby its helpful in colic nd improves digestion too ..try it hope it help to u...
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Question: Hi doctor...my baby is 4 months old...can i start giving him homemade ghutti
Answer: Hi, no at 4th month u should only give breast milk to your baby. As baby wont be able to digest the solid food. Best to wait till 6 month and then start other food/liquid to baby.
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Question: Shld I gv my baby colic drops every day? His fine I hv stopped giving him
Answer: Hello dear. There is no need to give it now. Ideally babies have colic problem in the first 2 or 3 months. Hope it helps.
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