10 months old baby

Question: My baby 10month now no teeth is come what can i do any tips for that

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Answer: I usually the first you should come somewhere between 3 to 4 months of age however if the baby is not started giving it when this can be due to the deficiency of calcium however it is advisable to consult to the doctor for this incident the doctor can prescribe some calcium supplements you should also give a baby Milk products as it is rich in calcium and it will help the baby
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Question: My baby girl is 10month old but her teeth not come out so that I worried when come her teeth?
Answer: Not to worry some kids develop teeth at d age of 7 to 8 months and some kids take ebn3a year. So don't stress.. N. Enjoy ur parenting
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Question: Till now no teeth for my baby. What to do.
Answer: Hello dear There is nothing to worry. Usually, the first tooth emerges at around six months. However, some babies will get teeth early and some will not get teeth till their first birthday. If your baby still doesn't have any teeth at 12 months he is just taking his time.
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Question: My baby is 10month now and only 6.8kg. Haven't walked yet and no teeth. is that ok?
Answer: Hello dear, baby weight is low, You can Include these food items in baby diet to increase weight... Banana, Paneer, Oats, Ragi, Toor Dal, Potato  Dry fruits powder ., Butter/Desi ghee  Try to give these item daily. Feed 6 times a day. 3 proper meal and 3 snacks. Always prepare  food in butter or ghee. Soon you ll see change in baby weight. And due to low weight it will take time for walking and teething. So don't worry, you have much time, some babies start walking and teething around 15 months, so don't worry.
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