6 months old baby

Question: My baby not taking breast milk ...he s crying if i try ti feed

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Answer: It's just s phase. Find out the reason why baby is not taking breastmilk. Check if baby get sufficient milk. Do not apply any body lotion perfumes creams because of smell baby may rejects the breastmilk dear. Because sweat baby is not taking. Clean your breasts before you feed. Check if baby is suffering from any health issues like stuffy nose, cold, caugh, ear pain. Don't worry your baby will drink milk keep trying in different positions dear, feed calm and cool do not allow third person to enter into the room baby may. Distracted, cuddle your baby. Feed your baby skin to skin, keep trying dear. You can express and feed in tiny spoon very small quantity to baby..
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Question: My baby not taking breast milk ...if i try to giv he s crying..plz suggest me...
Answer: Hello dear, If your baby is feeling hot and uncomfortable, chances are he won't feed. So it becomes important to take steps to cool him down before doing anything else....The best and most proven way is to start with skin to skin contact, and put the baby to the breast frequently. these will increase the milk producing hormones naturally and encourage baby to suck. Always ask your pediatrician first. If it is breast milk then it could be something in your diet, which is smelling and that is causing the baby is not taking. Or could be allergy to milk,  ear infection. We discovered all  were the cause. Turns out the sucking irratates their ears. So look at signs fussy, ear pulling or touching. 
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Question: hello..my baby is 2months old..he is on breast +fortmula feed..since few days he s nt feeding at breast..he s crying a lot when brought near..he s taking formula feed..i want to breast feed him bt he s crying..pls help me..what shl i do..i strtd on formula as milk supply was low..
Answer: due to hunger most of d babies cry I think ur milk is not sufficient for baby or other reason ur baby is not feeling well may b having colicky pain due to dat also baby cry , u should tc of baby n consult with your paediatrician. try to give breastfeeding to ur baby continuously, if baby is taking formula milk at dat time crying or not dat u can observe, bm is best atleast 6 months so try to feed baby as much as possible
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Question: My baby is not drinking my milk ...if i feed itself he starts crying .....what s the problem
Answer: Hi seems your baby is on nursing strike. Dont worry it will end soon ..Happens with some babies. They are easily distracted at this stage. So1) try nursing in dark room.2) Change feeding position like feed in standing ,walking etc..3)Dream feeding also helps..
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