Question: my baby not sleeping full night.. she is 5 months old..

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Answer: Set a schedule. It's normal for your newborn to snooze on and off all day, but between 3 and 4 months, his sleep should consolidate into two or three longer naps. a morning nap about two hours after waking, and an afternoon nap about two or three hours after the morning nap ends. (Until around 9 months, most babies will also take a 30-minute catnap late in the day.) Once you have the general routine in place, make your schedule as firm or as flexible as you and your baby prefer. Though things don't always run like clockwork -- sometimes the babies wake early or won't fall asleep
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Question: Mam my baby is 4month old and she is not sleeping full night. How to make her sleep during night
Answer: If baby is sleeping throughout day then baby won't sleep during night and try to keep baby awake during day time ... now in 4 month baby needs 14 to 15 hours of sleep within 24 hours. It may be day or night.... Its baby routine... It will change every month... Make sure baby won't sleep more during day time... And make sure baby won't remain hungry in night... Sometimes baby won't take feeding properly and remains hungry and they won't sleep keep a check.. baby is 4nd half months but he won't sleep during day and sleeps through out night... He takes 4to 5 naps during day for 15 to 20 mins....every baby is different and as different is their routine... And you try to set a routine of your baby
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Question: My daughter is 4 month baby she crying always in night time not sleeping full night
Answer: It's a phase which will pass, mean while what are you eating. Eat food which is easy to digest and give baby tummy time and make sure you give burp after every feed
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Question: My baby is is 5 months old & Wight 5.5 kg & she not sleeping at night what can i do
Answer: Hi dear. why you please confirm that your baby is having any kind of stomach pain or gas issue because this is the main reason of baby feeling uncomfortable during night and also make sure that the temperature the room should not be too hot or cold . offer check your baby's body is there is any kind of rashes or another injury on your baby's body . make sure that her tummy is full before you letting her to sleep
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Question: My baby is 5 month old still she is not sleeping well at night
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. Give baby bath with warm water before sleep,massage with baby cream and put on some comfortable clothing. Later you can put baby in cradle and dim the lights, play soft music. Thus helps baby to sleep. Slowly timings get set. This also help baby to sleep without disturbance. Take care
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