Few weeks old baby

Question: my baby not gaining weight since I start her to gave food. now she was nearly 9 months old and her weight 7. kg. she is on mother feed no top milk I gave her. please suggest what I do

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Answer: Weight chart, according to the weight chart her weight is fine. Give her dal, roti, rice, khichdi, boiled vegetables, banana, butter, ghee, curd, cottage cheese, atta halwa, fruits puree, potatoes, sweet potatoes and all.
Answer: Weight gain food chart, avoid packaged drinking milk or animal's milk, peanut butter, nuts and any other processed cheese untill 1 year of age.
Answer: Aap 2 to 3 drops add karo. Ya jab khana banate ho uske liye tab add karo, khane k upar se add mat karo.
Answer: Ghee yah butter sy vomating kerti hy.
Answer: Dont worry sab thik hojaega
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Question: Hi....my baby is 11 months old....her weight is 7 k.g..she is not gaining weight properly....she has no interest to eat food...but she is very active...I m very tensed about her weight...please suggest..
Answer: An average weight of a 11 months old is around 8 kgs.. Your baby should ideally have minimum 3 meals with one snack i hv given both mid morning and evening snack option pls choose any one time for snacks. Breakfast: 1/2 to 1 cup milk Oats Apple Porridge Rawa halwa Plain Dosa Sweet potato kheer Moong daal chilla Banana oats pan cake Idli Midmorning Snacks: Banana slices Cucumber sticks Chiku peices Watermelon scoops Potato wedges Grapes Potato fries Lunch: Chhole Rice Chapati with Daal Chicken Soup rice Curd rice Kadhi Chawal Fish curry with Rice Daal rice with okra fry Afternoon: Fruits with Yogurt Guava Apple Cheese slices Baked carrot sticks Smoothies Makhana Evening Dry fruits Murmura Chilla with veggies Beetroot potato tikki Homemade muffins Dinner: Daal khichdi Chilla Daal Paratha Paneer Paratha Palak khichdi Dosa Rice with boiled pototo with ghee. Good luck & hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is 2 months old....her birth weight was 3.5 kg and now she is 3.9..she is not gaining weight. ...she is on formula milk....how to increase her weight. ..i m so worried
Answer: Ideally Lee your baby should be 5.5 to 6 kg by the time baby reaches 6 months so with that guideline your baby is doing well do not worry do not change your formula milk very often make sure your giving the proper dose of formula your entire formula plus water should be 50 to 60 ml and if you are entirely on formula feed for a baby then give her formula around 7 to 8 times a day
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Question: My baby is not gaining weight she was low birth weight now she is 6.8 kg only she is on formula milk and semi solid please suggest me foods to increase her weight
Answer: Can give small amount of ghee in food and add a little cheese n butter in the diet
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