7 months old baby

Question: My baby not eating anything wat do

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Answer: Hey I can help you here as I had experienced the same too..if you force-feed your baby then this would give a negative impact towards food..so make the meal time fun .sing a rhyme or song,keep talking and feed very little at a time..dnt worry if baby is not eating..it will happen for some months so have patience..not to stress out😊...
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Question: My baby not eating anything he wants only mother milk wat to do
Answer: Hello dear, I know if baby stops eating then it becomes a nightmare and when this happened with my baby what i did is introduced different variety of food to the child, include more of vegetables fruits juices n all. buy attractive plates and spoon, most important respect your child's appetite it is not necessary that if you are giving full plate of rice so he is supposed to complete. Make sure to give meals and snacks at the same time everyday. You can use appetite stimulants The most important one is zinc,.You can include zinc rich food in the diet or Zincovit Syrup. Cheese, egg, fish, beans, nuts. Hope this will help!
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Question: My baby is not eating anything. Wat I want to do for my baby to eat?
Answer: Dear please explain your question is your baby not at all eating anything your baby is 6 months old and she should be taking your breast feed also by six months we start solids so do you mean to say that baby is not taking solids but is taking breast milk
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Question: My baby is not eating anything wAt can do last 4 day only milk
Answer: Hi...might be that your baby doesn't like what you are serving.. In order to make your baby eat make up stories, engage your child in conversation, make animal sounds.. Try to make feeding sessions interesting for your child...hope it helps
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