1 months old baby

Question: my baby ni eyes aavi che nd eyes mathi pani nikdya kare che.so tell me what I do?

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Answer: It is probably blocked tear duct whivh happens in most babies. Massage her tear ducts daily 15-20 times (Tearduct is located at inner corner of eyes)
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Question: My baby have block nose nd dark circle under eyes .what should i do?
Answer: Hi,don't worry dear it us ok The baby us too small and do not worrying about the dark circles Fir blocked nose you can with the help if Dr put saline water nasal drip to tour baby . Also place the humidifier in the room so that it helps to keep the air moist Keep the steamer next to the baby s bed s that the baby inhale it's fumes. All this will help the baby to get relief in blocked nose
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Question: Mere baby ki eyes me bohot pani ata hai what to do
Answer: Wipe the baby's eyes with wet cloth regulary and drop breast milk.in the baby's eyes it's very good to heal eye problems
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Question: My baby suffering from cold nd cough what can i do please tell me
Answer: Hi. Roast ajwain and garlic cloves on a Tawa or pan. Put it in a potli and keep it near the baby's head or near the nose. It works wonders. Heat mustard oil and add garlic let the oil cool apply on d baby’s feet Take care
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Question: My baby eyes are full of watery nd small size why...tell me frnds
Answer: Watery eyes with redness indicates the block of tear duct and it is called as conjunctivitis or pink eye infection . But don't worry it will settle on its own. And clean the area with warm water. And prevent baby from rubbing eyes .
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