33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My baby movement is there bt baby is not kicking is there is any normal

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Answer: Hi you should feel atleast 10 to 12 movements iina day. If you feel less movements then eat some sweet and lay down on left side for sometime you will feel movements. And if you feel less movements for consecutive two days then see doctor immediately.
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    Dhivya Dhanapal843 days ago

    I am asking about kicking

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Question: My baby is not kicking since morning is there any danger
Answer: Hello dear It is worrisome if u are not feeling ur baby movement since morning. There can be various reasons for slow movement of baby such as: 1. Baby is not getting enough oxygen or nutrients from placenta 2. U are having low amniotic fluid So, if such problem occurs,u have to immediately rush to doctor or if u see baby is not moving from 12 to 24 hours u have to go and meet the doctor. Don't worry and get investigated by ur doctor.
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Question: Morning to till now my baby is fully active movement and kicking is there any problem
Answer: Hello dear, fast baby movement is a sign of healthy and active baby.  If it start suddenly, you should worry and check with your doctor. She will check and guide you better.
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Question: I can feel only baby movement not kicking why is there any problem???
Answer: Hi dear sure your baby will kick you and make you not sleep at night. But that will happen after few week may be from your 8-9 th month. So dont worry
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