10 months old baby

Question: My baby 9+ months upper teeths started coming it os said that it is not good

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Answer: Majority of babies have lower incisors first and then upper ones. But some have upper incisors first and there's nothing to worry about. It's normal
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Question: Now my baby is 9 months, her teeths did not come still
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. Most babies get their first tooth at around 6 months, but your child's chompers may appear as early as 3 months or as late as 14 months, depending on such factors as when Mom and Dad started sprouting teeth. Not to worry you're baby will be getting teeth soon, here are a few symptoms to know if your baby is getting teeth: Sore, red gums around where the tooth is coming through. Increased irritability. Flushed cheeks. Restlessness. Disturbed sleep. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: My baby is 9 months old . His teeth is not coming. Is it normal.he born premature.
Answer: Hi dont worry as it's normal. My nephew didn't get his first tooth til he was a little over one. I remember reading that some babies are born with no teeth in their gums, and worrying that he'll never get teeth. Some babies are born with teeth and there are some that don't get their first tooth til they are at least a year old. If your baby falls anywhere in that range, they are perfectly normal. If they haven't got their first tooth by the time they are 18 months, you should take your child to your doctor to rule out any problems.
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Question: My baby is crying a lot due to teeths are coming..... She is not playing now
Answer: Hi dear ,you can ease your baby by doing cold massage to gums with cold spoon or cold napkin.this will give some soothing effect to the baby You can also get gel free teether to your baby This will help .don't worry she will be fine
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