11 months old baby

Question: My baby 11 months old when he sleeping n8 tm his nose block everyday plz give me any remedy for nose block

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Answer: Hi dear, Nose blocks in kids is due to cold weather or allergic reaction.you can ease baby by using steamer.a humidifier at room where baby sleep could do wonders for such cases.avoid using room heater.you can also give steam to baby before sleep.ajwain and garlic fumes are quite effective too for nasal congestion.
Answer: Hi,this is due to cold climate. You should keep a humidifier in your baby s room. Soak cotton balls in nilgiri oil and place them at the corner of the room You can also put saline water nasal drops. This will help to get relief.
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Question: My baby is 1month 10days old he his suffering from cold nose block give me suggestion tell me any drops
Answer: Hi! If your baby is only one month 10 days old and suffering from cold and nose blockage first of all I would suggest you to keep your hands sanitized whenever you want a baby or anyone help the baby it is important because during this time your babies even it is very low and your baby is more prone to catch infection hence keeping clean and keeping the basic hygiene in mind is very important other than that you can also give steam bath to the baby if the baby is not allergic to mustard oil you can massage mustard oil on the chest back and feet of the baby other than that please keep breastfeeding to the baby it will help the baby to find direction other than that you can also use nasoclear nasal spray to the baby's nose so that the baby can breathe well and whenever you make the baby sleep on the bed make the head a liquid with elevated so that there is no problem in breathing .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Any remedy for block nose and cold plz..
Answer: Hello dear Pregnant women often experience cold-like symptoms. It is very common for women to have a stuffy nose while pregnant because shifting hormones will have an effect on the nasal passages. This may lead to a pressure headache that feels like the onset of a cold. Saline nasal drops and sprays to loosen nasal mucus and soothe inflamed nasal tissue breathing warm, humid air to help loosen congestion,a facial steamer, hot-mist vaporizer, or even a hot shower can work chicken soup a trusted Source, to help relieve inflammation and soothe congestion adding honey or lemon to a warm cup of decaffeinated tea to relieve a sore throat using hot and cold packs to alleviate sinus pain
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Question: Home remedy for nose block in 2 months old aby
Answer: Hi dear you can give saline nasal spray so that nose block goes away if it is severe or you do not find difference please contact doctor for medication
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