6 months old baby

Question: My baby 6 months old rubbing his eyes, pulling his hair and not eating well.please help what will be the reason.having little cold

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Question: My 8 month old baby is pulling ears n rubbing his eyes very frequently what may be the reason pls suggest whether to go to doctor or not
Answer: Hello, when babies feel sleepy this can be a reason they might pull the ears and rub their eyes frequently check if your baby is sleepy and put him you to sleep if there is some sort of watery eyes and some dirt coming out of the eyes you can go to the doctor
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Question: My baby is rubbing his eyes and he's got little redness in his eyes.. what can be done.??
Answer: Hi,becz of heat only..so u can put sum oil on hime head in the mor ..it will reduce heat level
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Question: My lo is rubbing his eyes badly from past 3 days. He is 6 months. What could be the reason ?
Answer: It may be infection or due to cold. My baby too rubbed his eyes and I thought might be sleepy... but doc told me it's due to cold.
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