2 months old baby

Question: My baby 1.5 months old, keeps sticking her tongue out. Even while asleep her mouth is open a little bit with tongue out. What should I do to make her stop doing it

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Question: My baby always opens her mouth while sleeping also and always her tongue is outside what should I do
Answer: hi this can be due to habit there is nothing to worry but to be on the safer side you can consult to the doctor just check if the baby has blocked nose because of the babies opening amount if no and still the babies open the mouth you can consult to the doctor if if the baby has blocked the nose try keeping the steamer next to the baby's weight which will help the baby in get blocked the nose and you can also put saline water nasal drops which are very safe in consultation video doctor
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Question: My baby is 15 days old & she has blocked nose, she keeps her mouth open while breathing & is unable to sleep well. What should I do for relieving her discomfort
Answer: Hello dear If it is severe pls consult your doctor. Otherwise you may try home remedies like Massage luke warm mustard oil on baby's head, chest, palms and feet. Make a thick paste of asafoitida make it luke warm n apply on the chest palms feet and around the naval before going to bed.
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Question: Today I feel little bit itching inside my vagina what should I do to stop it??
Answer: Vaginal itching can be due to the urinary tract infection please get your urine analysis done and consult your gynecologist soon Till then keep drinking lots and lots of water And maintain the personal hygiene wipe the vaginal area with the tissue every time you pee
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