4 months old baby

Question: My baby 5 months old can we give solid puree and what to give in solid form

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Answer: You can start semi solid foods after 6 months. So that his digestive system is well established and they will be able to digest well.
Answer: After completing 150 days yu can slowly start carrot and apple puree, ragi, barley and rice porridge.
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Question: Can i give watermelon in puree form to my 7 month old baby
Answer: Hi Yes you can give water melon to your baby..it contains 95 per of water so its very usefull for kreping your baby hydrated always especially at summer Health benefits For hydration its important to baby Fruit contain vit c helps to strengthen the immunr system Also contain vit A which improves eye sight It also having calcium amd magnesium which helps for bone development It is good for the heart Helps in digestion You can offeer this fruit your baby as smash manner or cit into.small.pices which all.depends upon your babys age and their willing to acceptibility Thank you
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Question: Can we give mango puree to 6 months old baby
Answer: Hi dear. If your baby has entered 7th month then you can start feeding her semi sokid food. Try to start light with moong daal and rice water. Yes you can give her mango puree but just a very little quantity. Give her homemade cerelac and food of liquid texture. You can give pomegranate juice but 1-2 spoon only. Always follow 3 days rule while introducing anything to aby, according to this rule after introducing anything new you should watch for three days if baby is having any kind of allergy from that particular food
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Question: My baby is 5 months 5 days old can we give solid food to him
Answer: Hi dear plz don't give any solid food to baby till baby will be above 6 months of age as before that breastmilk is enough to provide the proper neutrients to ur baby. And also digestive system is not grown well and it can give digestion problem to baby if given early.
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