17 months old baby

Question: My baby 16 months not eating

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Answer: Make sure to entertain baby in one way or other and feed.You can make baby water plants, you can make baby play with toys,you can tell different types of stories. Cumin powder with honey gives best results by increasing hunger. Dry roast cumin make powder just add honey and give.You can give four to five times as its natural. Mustard dry roasted powder also gives best results to improve digestion and hunger. If you find no difference please consult doctor. As long as baby is active nothing to worry.Please go through Healofy home page for tips, diet, recipes and many more they help a lot. Take care
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    Lipsy Bansal841 days ago

    Hello dear, most of the babies dont eat at this stage as they want to feed themselves n explore the things. You just make a proper schedule n stick to that, babies likes to follow the routine, so include food to their routine. Give the baby food on the same time, it will surely help you. Plus let them explore their food, prepare finger foods, it will help too. All the best

Answer: Hie It is the same problem with every toddler Don't worry, take time I try and make the food time rhymes and story time the more baby is in involves the easy it is to make him eat Try playing rhymes and inact with the baby
Answer: Kuttiku ishtappedunna reethiyil food arrange cheith koduth nooku. colourful ayitto ,Pala shape IL set cheitho angane variety ayitt try cheith nokk
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Question: My baby boy 16 months old he not at all eating anything please suggest something
Answer: Babies start developing their taste at this age. Further they also want o play all the time. So you have to cook foos on such a way that they eat it quickly and get most nutritional value. You can use different soups, fruit shakes, vegetable parathas, different pulses. U can try different tastes like one meal some porridge, then some paratha, rice item. You have to divert his mind while feeding him. You can sing song, tell a story or make sounds of different birds and animals.
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Question: My baby not eating anything pls suggest me she is now 16 months
Answer: Hello dear Your Baby will not eat anything in just one time. You have to keep Patience. Feed him when he is playing one one bite. Or he is watching cartoon or doing some other activity. In every 2 hour feed youe baby something healthy. If it takes half an hour to feed your baby then its just ok that his tummy should be full. For example If he likes sweet then make Sweet chapati. Make things different for him according to his tastes and likes, it will be more exciting for him to eat something new. First divert his mind in any activities and feed him one one bite.
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Question: Hi mam.my baby 16 months old is not eating rice
Answer: It is totally okay if your baby is not eating a certain food. You can try alternatives like chapatis, dosas, khichdi instead of giving rice as a whole to your baby. Slowly and gradually when you baby grows you can keep trying to give him rice.
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