Few weeks old baby

Question: My baby lips are getting black what should I do

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Answer: Its normal to turn babies lips black. After few weeks it will turn into its original color. Only reason of black lips is breastmilk. You should always wipe your baby's lips after every feed. It will be normal by 4 weeks.
Answer: Wait for more few weeks then consult dr
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Question: My baby lips are becoming black..what should I do..?
Answer: After giving feed clean baby lips with soft cotton cloth..due to breast feed baby's lips turns into black. if we won't rub it with cloth after every feed it turns black..so nothing to worry
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Question: My babies lips are becoming black. What should I do for pink lips?
Answer: Its very normal. As the baby sucks breast milk the lips will slowly turn pink . If needed apply mother's milk itself after feeding. Dont apply anything else upto 6 months
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Question: My baby lips are become black what should i do
Answer: My baby also had the same issue.The skin their goes off in few weeks and the lips starts to look normal gradually.There is nothing to worry.
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