2 months old baby

Question: My baby likes breastfeed in sleeping position only. She cries loudly when feeding in sitting position. What can i do? I'm worrying that it might be a habit and problem in her future.

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Answer: Generally Dr. Mna krte h sleeping position ke liye ..but aisa koi harm nhi pahunch..me bhi sleeping position me feed karati .bcoz of back pain
Answer: My baby is also taking bm in sleeping position since 2 months.. There is no probelm if this makes him comfortable.. Dont worry
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Question: my baby is 4.5 months old . he takes breast feed when I feed him in sleeping position is that or should I feed him only in sitting position.
Answer: Hi you can try these positions while feeding your baby. Sitting in a chair – cradling the baby on your arm In this well-known position, your baby lies across your lap, with their head resting on the arm that’s closest to the breast they’re feeding from.  Sitting in a chair – your hands on their back  This is similar, but this time you’re supporting them with the opposite arm to the breast they’re feeding from. Reclining This is a nice relaxing position where you’re reclining back on a sofa while your baby lies across your stomach or shoulder. Underarm (also known as ‘rugby ball’) Your baby is tucked under your arm for support, with their legs pointing behind you, resting their body and legs on cushions at your side and behind you. You can support their shoulders and neck using the hand closest to the breast you’re feeding from - or rest them on extra pillows. This position is great for feeding twins as each baby has their own space and personal cushion. Breastfeeding lying down You lie on your side, resting your head on a pillow, with your baby tucked in close to your body. You can then guide them to your breast, while carefully supporting them with your free hand. If it helps, try supporting your back with a pillow placed behind you. Similarly, a thin pillow or folded towel under your rib cage can lift your body slightly – helpful if you have large boobs. If you've had a caesarean or need to stay in bed, breastfeeding lying down can really help you get some rest. Koala hold – upright breastfeeding position This cute-sounding position is probably better with bigger babies - you support your baby while they’re sitting upright on your knee, facing you. Top tips for breastfeeding positions: As well as choosing a good position, you can also try a few techniques to help your baby feed better: Straight line - it helps to hold your baby really close to you, with their whole body facing towards you and their back and head in a straight line. Nose to nipple - if you line up their nose so it’s level with your nipple, they’ll have to tilt their head back slightly in order to get a good ‘mouthful’. Make sure they’re facing your nipple – they shouldn't have to turn their head. Chin first - your baby will tilt their head back and come to you chin first. They should take a large mouthful of breast, with your nipple facing towards the roof of their mouth.  Bring baby to you - lift your baby to your breast or let them attach themselves, rather than leaning over them. (This is much kinder on your back too.) Keep things calm - holding them against you, talking to them and wrapping them securely in a towel or shawl is all very calming. As your baby grows, they might like having their hands free to touch and stroke your breast. (Cute!) Get ready – once your baby is feeding they won’t want to move, so scoop up everything you need first, like a big glass of water and snack for you, tissues or muslins.  Get comfy – in the early days you may find cushions, special breastfeeding pillows and other supports help support your baby’s weight, taking the strain off your neck and back. Your baby may be tiny, but anything gets heavy if you hold it for long enough!
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Question: My baby is 3 months old.she is breastfeed only.am giving her milk in sleeping position only in other position she is not drinking.is that good giving like that.
Answer: Hello Yes dear it is absolutely ok if yu n yur baby both comfortable then yu can feed him lying on bed. This way even yu can rest but make sure milk is not over flowing in his ears or it may cause infection, be sure to burp him after feed as he may vomit. Take care
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Question: Hiii,my baby is 18dYs old...when i feeding to her in sleeping position,she consumes more as compared in sitting position... i want to know the feeding on sleeping position is safety or not?
Answer: Hi Do not feed baby in sleeping position as digestion ll affect...do always feed in sitting position and babies head slightly upward and do burp baby soon after feed for good digestion
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