5 months old baby

Question: My baby lifts his bum whenever on bed.and wants to be held all the time

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Answer: I do not worry 2018 who will the baby is just trying to make different movements so don't worry to the healthy women fight
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Question: my baby is having red rashes on his bum...what could be the reason......
Answer: U can follow some home remedies to treat diaper rashes like first of all warm that area with plain water only or dip cotton ball and wash then let that dry become dry, apply coconut oil or desi ghee and wear him/her diaper. Always change ur babies diaper after 2 hours also it's very important to give ur baby diaper free time at home during day time. Avoid using wipes on that area coz they contain alcohol which can irritate their skin. There many other diaper rash cream available in the market u can go for the one which contain zinc oxide coz its really very helpful treat diaper rash
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Question: My 4.5 old baby does not lie down even for a minute. She wants to be held all the time since last 1 month. Please advice how to stop this habit and ensure she plays by herself.
Answer: Baby weight reduces for first 15 days and that is normal
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Question: My baby wants sleep on his tummy..is that ok ?
Answer: Yes dear. It is ok. U Can start giving for 20 to 30 minutes tummy time every day to ur baby. If your baby is prone to reflux or spitting up, leave tummy time until 30 minutes or 45 minutes after feeding.
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