1 months old baby

Question: My baby licks or can say sucks his fingers and thumb immediately after i breastfeed him... Is it becoz he is hungry or just a normal activity

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Answer: Yes dear. Babies will suck there fingers only when they feel hunger.
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Question: My baby put his fingers in his mouth and sucks,how can i stop him?
Answer: Hello Dear, Distract your child,Give your child plenty of toys with which to play during the day,Keeping your  child busy is the easiest way to distract from sucking his or her fingers.Have a hands-on activity or toy ready for your child if you notice him or her putting a hand or fingers toward the mouth.
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Question: My 5month baby sucks his thumb even after breastfeeded...is he hungry still???
Answer: Nope. My baby does the same. But doctor told me that sucking thumb makes a baby calm and he feels secure in himself by sucking thumb. You can change this habbit slowly.
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Question: My baby sucks his thumb after breastfeed and then he will sleep. Means he is not getting enough milk or why he is sucking thumb...?
Answer: Hi dear it is not like that. Baby do sooth them self with sucking finger.that is a start of reflexes also and they try to understand thier body part. Its normal
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