3 months old baby

Question: My baby last night slept for 7 hrs without feed is it ok

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Answer: Hi It's ok .sometimes babies sleep continuously for many hours...do not worry if the baby feels hungry ,then definitely he or she will cry...even sleeping properly is very much necessary for the growing babies.
Answer: Hi dear But it's better to wake Ur baby to take milk 7 hours with out milk is not good wake him or her up every 3 hours in atleast give 2 or 3 feeds in the night for 15-20 mins each breast.
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    Akheela Begums832 days ago

    Ok thanks

Answer: Hi! Its fine nothing would happen but i wud suggest you to offer feed in sleep, if baby accepts fine else let baby sleep.. Good luck!
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Answer: If your feeding the baby for every 3 hrs in the day time and during night if the baby is taking a break means it's fine. Not to worry.. if they feel hungry they I'll wake up for sure. But also don't give too much break, make sure you feed the baby atleast by 4 hrs in the night by waking him/her up.
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Question: .My baby slept for 5-10 min in the day.only night he slept 5-7 hrs .What can I do?
Answer: Let her check to a doctor as she had no other problem in some cases baby feel digestive problems or others n make her sleep with phenargan if doctor suggest
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Answer: Yes a better sleep is neccessary for u and baby..restlessness is not good..so try to take a good sleep.
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