3 months old baby

Question: My baby keeps on her head moving continuesly during sleep and got irritated. Wat is d reason behind this

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Question: My daughter is 9 yrs old n keeps on turning and twisting at night in sleep. She doesn't go in deep sleep, wat cud b d reason n wat r d remedies for d same, plz reply
Answer: Hi,that's fine it could be that the baby is having disturbed sleep,check the diapers of the baby,also check the temperature of the room as if the temp is too hot or cold the baby may be feeling discomfort.also see to it that you wear a comfort balnket to your baby which is neither too warm nor too light,so that baby feels cold .
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Question: My baby girl has dandruff kind of scalp in her head by birth and she get red rashes behind her head so that she keeps on scratching her head .. the...what is the reason and what is the solution?
Answer: Hi dear, It is nothing but cradle cap.Craddle cap is common issue in new borns. You can slowly take it off by combing it with soft but firm hard brush. Try massaging oil and post bath when the skin is soft,comb baby's head.do not forcefully pull it out and never use nails too.do it gradually.
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Question: Hi all my baby is 70 days old and whn ever she is in sleep she keeps moving her head continuiously. Can you please tell me wht is the reason for moving the head
Answer: Mostly due to hunger.. Also swaddle. Him properly..
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