1 months old baby

Question: my baby keeps her eyes close while breastfeeding..but keeps latching..for few minutes it stops again she starts. is it ok??

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Question: my baby keeps her eyes close while breastfeeding..for few time she stops latching and after some time again she starts latching..she sleeps during breast-feeding..and keep continue to latch..to kya use milk milta hoga?? is this common?
Answer: Yes dear.it is common every baby do this only. S nothing to worry. All the best
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Question: My baby farts a lot while breastfeeding which makes her uncomfortable and then she starts cring .. is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear, yes it's normal . Some tips to ease ur baby: 1 take a spoon have few drops of water and add heeng apply it near naval , it vl help release gas. 2 take oil n massage clockwise dan anti clockwise twice a day or wen u feel baby is uncomfortable. 3 take ur baby head down with tummy on lap and pat from behind this to relieves baby in stomach pain.
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Question: Im breastfeeding under 1 hour..but my baby cant satisfied with drinking..baby latching well..after she cries..i gve formula milk..is it ok?? For baby immunity
Answer: If breast milk is not enough then you can start formula milk. No problem dear. You can give formula milk and breastfeeding in between. Don't stop breastfeeding it will increase immunity
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Question: My baby didn't close his eyes fully while sleeping..is it okay...what is the reason for it?
Answer: Hello Mommy... It's not a problem. Some babies have that habit Hope this helps you
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