11 months old baby

Question: My baby keep on bang his head. Is this normal?

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Answer: Hi dear. Its normal. The baby thinks its fun. Thats it. Don't encourage when he does it. He will stop soon
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Question: My 9 month baby love bang her head in wall
Answer: Hello! To stop the baby from banging the head on the wall, try to tell her not to do it as she will get hurt. Keep repeating it on daily basis. Also try diverting her with favourite toy or book to make her forget it. It will take some time but keep explaining and diverting, it will help. Take care
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Question: My baby can't keep his head straight but can rotate his head pls suggest me exercise to keep his head straight he always keep his head at 45degree angle
Answer: Hi dear if the baby is otherwise active and meeting all are milestones according to his age then there is no problem at all this will improve with time it is just the sleeping posture it is absolutely fine for an eight months old baby .. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby keep his head on one side is any problem with neck
Answer: Hello dear. If the baby has started to control his neck then it is a good thing. If you still have doubts then please consult doctor once to clear ur doubts. Hopw it helps.
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