8 months old baby

Question: My baby isn't breast feeding baby. He is formula milk based baby. He cried badly when offered breast milk. Now he is 10 month. Nowadays at the time of sleep he feels disturbing and seems he wants to drink breast milk but doesn't take. I am very upset and mentally disappointed as I can't feed my baby breast milk. Please help me by giving advice

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Answer: Please consult a lactation expert..
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Question: my baby is 2 months and 12 days. he usually doesnt drink breast milk than about 10 minutes. on one side drinks 2-5 minutes. his poops also yellowish green couler. i introduced him formula milk. in the morning he drinks 120ml formula. but in the day time he doesn't drink than 40-60ml. now i give him breast milk and formula. actually he doesn't want to drink any milk in the day time... he wants to sleep and in the night he wants milk . but he doesn't drink than 10 minutes of breast milk and 40ml of formula.. i'm suffering about this.. he eats his fingers always. i think he is hungry.. but he doesn't drink milk well. his birth weight is 3490g now he is 5400g.. plz tell me how could i give milk him...?
Answer: The reason for green poop is that he is getting only foremilk and nor hindmilk. You need to feed your baby atleast 20mins each breast so that he gets hindmilk as well.
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Question: My baby is 6months old and he doesn't like to drink milk he is on formula
Answer: if the baby is on formula milk you can continue it . don't give cow milk or buffalo milk before 1 year because it won't digest the baby .
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Question: My baby is 10 months old and he doesn't drink other than formula milk, i started giving him amul taaza but he doesn't drink . Grandparents started giving him some little tea since he 7 monts old , he likes tea and not milk . What to do? I want to meake him leave having breast milk
Answer: Tea, cow milk, buffalo milk is nt gud fr baby's health... Avoid these things atleast fr 12 months... Y u want him to leave breast milk?
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