4 years old baby

Question: My baby is 3 years 5months old ,now i am planning for pregnancy ,but its to months i have not gotten pregnancy,,after my baby i have rejected pregnancy ,,is it problem now ,for getting pregnancy

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Answer: Hello! It should not be a problem if a proper procedure was followed at that point of time. Try to first to track the ovulation period. For that get a ovulation kit which is easily available in the medicine shops. Once you know your ovulation period for that month ,have sex every day or atleast on alternate days. This will increase the chances of getting pregnant. Take care
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Question: Hi i am planning for 3 months but not getting results
Answer: Hi dear, I know you must be impatient but it is test of patience to conceive. To conceive make sure following tests are done: 1- TSH needs to be below 3 for conception 2- blood sugar levels are in range 3-blood pressure is optimal 4- if you have any period irregularities,check with any PCOD or endometriosis issues 5- BMI body mass index should be between 18-25 6- blood group of yours and husband 7- genetic disorders 8- iron level is above 11 Apart from that,you need to start taking folic acid supplement prior to conception. Healthy lifestyle,including diet and exercise needs to be started .
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Question: Iam 21 years old. I have a baby boy and he is 10 months old. Now I'm 5months pregnancy. Is there any problem.
Answer: Your 1sr pregnancy was too early before 21years and again you are pregnant... You could have given 2-3years gap..
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Question: I am not getting pregnant.I am planning to get pregnant for last 2 years
Answer: Hello dear. If it has been 2 years I would suggest you to consult gynae and get fertility test done for you and your husband to know the reason. Hope it helps.
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