12 months old baby

Question: My baby is 1 year old..... i don't use dipar daily even though there are red rashes since 1 month even i am medicine no use pls suggest me what to do

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Answer: Hie Yup can use diaper throughout the day Just follow a few precautions Change the diaper every 3-4  hours Clean the diaper area with water after every change Give your baby 30-50 mins of diaper free time in between every change Apply moisturising lotion or coconut oil before putting on a fresh diaper If your baby gets rashes keep him off diaper untill it clears Also since your baby is 9 months you might as well start taking him to the toilet to pee Babies don't generally pee while asleep So try using a drysheet at night at keep him diaper free take him to the toilet 2-3 times in the night span It would take your sleep but gradually he would just have to go once mid night to pee
Answer: Hello First v need to see the reason y the rashes happen. It's mostly due to irritants in the urine or poo. It could also happen due to new food. New detergents sensitive skin a very tite diaper anti biotics taken by the nursing mom or baby. Give the baby some nappy free time so baby s nappy s area gets fresh air. Do not use a tite diaper. Change baby s diaper often be vigilant so u can change the diaper as soon as it's pooped. Avoid fragranced products. Putting on a plastic pant over a diaper can cause a hot environment.
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    neerja chopra1116 days ago

    To soothe the skin apply fresh aloe vera gel its vry effective n natural

Answer: u can use diaper ...but u hv to be very careful as that area is very sensitive ....always wash the area ..clean it with baby wipes ...apply rash cream only then use diaper....u can try Mamaearth organic bamboo based baby wipes n rash cream....very soft on baby skin....try it out
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    Sushma Pundir1116 days ago

    Keep the area dry n use mustard or coconut oil. Then use a diaper.

Answer: This may be due to the moisture. Make sure that u change the cloth immediately after it gets wet. Also try applying fresh coconut oil..
Answer: Apply oil like mustard or coconut any will do all over and then use diaper. Then there will b no rashes.
Answer: You can use mamaearth diaper rash cream. It gives rapid relief from diaper rashes.
Answer: Try mamaearth diaper rash cream. It's safe and non toxic.
Answer: Hi... U can even use himalayas rash cream or betnovate.
Answer: No
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    Swathi Ammu1117 days ago

    Use mupimet ointment, i will helps to your baby

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Question: Hi, My 3 month old baby got diaper rashes from 1 to 2 weeks i am using cloths napkins only except in night. Even though the rashes are coming and going .what to do please suggest me?
Answer: Skin of small babies is soft so they can get rashes frequently , don't worry. Clean that area with soft cotton cloth dipped I water every time baby pee and apply boroline after that , it will heal rashes quickly, you can also apply calamine lotion , it's another good option . If don't have both at home then apply. Lukewarm Desi ghee or pure coconut oil . Avoid using wipes . Always apply coconut oil before and after every diaper and don't use diapers 24 hours. Avoid wearing tight and synthetic clothes.
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Question: Rashes are there for my one month old baby. Crying during poo. Pls suggest me solution
Answer: Hii dear it is common for baby to get diaper each if proper hygiene and care is been compromised. So u need to be a bit more of attentive on this problem. Always apply diaper rash cream before making baby wear the diaper . Also do give more of no diaper time so that skin can breath. Do massage of coconut oil. And check the correct size if being used as per weight. U should change the diaper after every 3 to 4 hours or early if baby do potty. Take a tablespoon of dried oatmeal and mix it in bath water. Bath your baby afterwards with that to heal diaper rashes. If the diaper rash is severe, then do this treatment up to two times a day for best results.these will cure the rash.
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