13 months old baby

Question: my baby is 1 year old.....BT still doesn't sleep much......she keeps waking within every hour or two....suggest sumthing fr sound sleep

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Answer: create an environment of sleeping...like dim the lights closing the door etc...babies should know that it's sleeping time....change clothes...give a little massage on legs and head....do it daily...make it a routine....slowly dey will know that it's time to sleep
Answer: when ur baby is going to sleep wear him soft and comfortable clothes. because some stuffs create itchiness which can irritate kids and disturbs them from their sleeps. and also call ur doc. and ask him why baby is so sleeplessness
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Question: My baby does not sleep sound at night he keeps on waking up after every half or 1 hour. Inspite of stomach full feeding.
Answer: Hi! Its called growrh spurt which causes sleep regression and babies keep waking up at night or some time doesnt sleep in day time, at times thr is a loss of appetite, dont worry will get better with time.. Hope this helps!
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