12 months old baby

Question: My baby is 1 year may I use masala oats in evening snacks

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Answer: Hello dear... you can give oats to baby,but prefer for homemade masala oats,avoid packed one,because it contains lot of preservatives
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Question: Is masala oats good for 1 year old boy
Answer: Yes you can give masala oats to your baby oats are very good cereal , which is gluten free there is also a cook simple oats with any flavours of your choice in it
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Question: what evening snacks i should give to my 1 year 4 month old baby
Answer: Hi dear if there is a long gap between your baby's sir lunch and evening snacks then you can give mix fruit milkshake/ badam milk/ fruit custard/ pudding/ smoothies etc in your baby's evening diet.
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Question: I had saffola masala oats in dinner...is it safe to have masala oats?
Answer: Avoid the packed masala as it may contain aginomoto which may cause blotting or gastritic trouble have oats but homemade as they are safe but avoid the packed foods. But once it won't cause any problems take care.
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Question: Can i masala oats to my baby?
Answer: Dear do avoid masala oats to baby. you may give plain oats to your baby and not masala oats, as such taste enhancers can have additives, preservatives and food color that can be really harmful for baby's sensitive body. Try to make plain oats with milk and water and add only small pinch of sugar to taste.
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