2 months old baby

My baby is womiting whenever i breastfeed him

This might happened coz you are not maintaining the timetable to feed your baby. Make sure you give your feed in regular intervals. This will help your baby's digestive system to follow the routine. Also nake sure you are washing your breast nicely while feeding him, because sweat on the breast may also cause him vomit. Most important whenever you feed baby do not lay him/her down, put his head on the shoulder and rub his back gently for 3 to 4 mins until he take a burp.
u should burp ur child after every feed
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Question: Hi. My baby is 23 days old. He just pushes me away whenever i breastfeed him. What should i do?
Answer: Hello Mommy Hold him in ur lap put pollow down ur leg and feed him Otherwise u can try feeding him in sleeping position Try giving baby comfortable position Hope you found helpful
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Question: My baby is 2 month old , kya mein sleeping position me usko breastfeed kara sakti, since my waist is paining whenever i feed him in sitting position
Answer: Zesssss abhi karwa sakte ho. Abhi sleeping position me breastfeeding Krwane Mei koi problem nahi hogi...
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Question: Hi . My girl is 40 days old.. How often should I breastfeed her. Can i breastfeed her whenever she cries??
Answer: Feeding should be done between 2-3hrs gap... But sometimes u have to feed babies on their demand.. try to check her if she feels uncomfortable due to wet diaper and crying or due to hunger .. don't often feed them as they cry
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