1 months old baby

Question: my baby is 7 weeks older. I tried to give her oil massage but that gave her rash. tried olive oil and coconut oil. then I tried using medicated soap and moisturizer prescribed by doctors but even after using that her skin is dry and rough. I tried chana dal and masoor dal floors also but also gave her rash. she have lot of hairs(laguno) on her body. what can I do to make her skin soft?? how to remove those hairs without getting any rash??

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Answer: Dear it is normal to have hair on baby body because it acts as a protective layer when they are in the womb. As they grow up they shed their hair slowly. After the baby reached 3 or 4 years you can apply turmeric which helps to reduce hair growth. Dont worry now. It is ok if there is little hair on your baby. And dont try any remedies on your baby now because it may cause infections. Chana daal powder can make baby skin dry too. If your baby has dry, sensitive skin, or broken skin, it is best not to use either mustard oil (sarson ka tel), ghee or olive oil (jaitoon ka tel) to massage your baby.
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Question: My 12 month old baby has very dry and rough skin, what to do....i tried coconut oil and olive oil massage, but all in vain
Answer: Dear 2 things that will help the dry skin will be massage with home made desi ghee which helps in keeping the skin soft and nourished. Also after bath apple aloe vera mixed with coconut oil. Secondly when your baby is asleep at night just put few drops of desi ghee in the navel. This will bring the softness in the skin. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is 3months 11days old. Her skin was soft earlier. Now her skin became dry and rough ..iam using Johnson baby massage oil before bath and John.. Lotion after bath.. Suggest ways to keep her skin soft.
Answer: Hi Don't use soap on your babys gentle skin rather opt for milk bath or liquids various brands offer it like mother care , himalayas,Saba med chicoo Add half cup raw milk to your babys bath water it will help nourish your baby's skin Use oatmeal bath once a week for your baby it naturally moisture enhances and nourishes your baby's skin Massage with olive oil and coconut oil both have nourishing properties that enhance skin
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Question: I am using Johnson baby oil and moisturizer, baby skin is very rough and I am noticing some pimples are coming on faces, kindly suggest for remedies?
Answer: my baby had same problem than i have to start chicoo baby lotion now her skin become soft than earlier u should try it
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Question: I am giving olive oil massage to my 2 months old baby..but her skin is getting rough..
Answer: Yes dear olive oil is good for baby massage but If your baby has dry or broken skin, it's best not to use olive oil. Coconut oil is best for babies skin. As it is summer season so avoid using olive oil and start using coconut oil.
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