3 months old baby

Question: My baby is 11 weeks old, and i can see, hee belly is so huge.....looks like huge baloon blaoted.....what could be the reason.....her stool paas is so accurate & Healthy time

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Answer: Hello! It could be simply gas. Try to put the baby on tummy or massage the tummy with oil and hing. This will help to some extent. Take care
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    Ovesh M70 days ago

    Thank you, but its really looks big, so i get scared sometimes

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Question: Good eve, my baby is about 86 days old...but her tummy is so thick and looks like baloon type filled cavity...what shouod be the reason for it ?
Answer: Apk baby k tummy m gas ho ge. Use colic drops once in a day. Or use honey with pinch of suhaga.
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Question: Am 12 weeks pregnant.. At times I feel like having heavy belly..what could be the reason and remedy
Answer: It is due to bloating. You should take balanced diet. After the end of 4th month, your bloating will gradually subside and you will have visible tummy
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Question: I am only 10 week pregnant but my belly is huge and its my first pregnancy... What could be the reason and is it fine??
Answer: if you have been overweight then this is the first cause. do not worry get your first usg done and it shall depict if there is any problem. keep me updated do not worry.
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