1 months old baby

Question: My baby is 6 week old. She is crying constantly from today morning. After breastfeeding she is stopping crying. Again starting after 5 min. What we should do

Answer: Hello dear kindly check are you getting proper milk supply is the baby able to totally breastfeed herself if yes then check her stomach is she colicky because babies do not cry for any reason such young baby usually cry because of Hunger or of gas. recheck and revert Take care
Answer: See your paediatrician Baby is in pain Babies cry due to stomach pain most of the times. It is important just one checkup of stomach area will help Dr to understand for any gas or constipation issue. Do not worry.
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Question: My wife has been sufferring from fever from today morning. What should we do now? She is 11 week pregnant.
Answer: Fever is normal during first trimester its due to hormonal changes.... But still consult ur doctor bcoz every pregnancy is different and every body is different
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Question: My baby fell from bed today..she cried initially but within 2-3 min she stopped crying. She was sweating and her body was turning little whitish. After 5 min she again started crying andshe was breastfeeding normally. She is sleeping now after taking feed. We dnt see any external wound anything to worry??e
Answer: Dear if the baby got back to normal after sometime abd slept peacefully after breastfeed then it is absolutely fine. If she would have had some i ternal injury she would have vomited after the feed or had got high fever or would have got unconcious. By the grace of god nothing of that sort has taken place which is a good sign. So relax ur baby is doing fine. Hope i helped.
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Question: Today I put 6 week vaccination baby is crying constantly and leg is swelling what to do
Answer: 1.Do not wrap your child in a blanket. 2..Apply The Ice Pack On The Injection Site:  To ease the pain, apply ice-packs gently on the site of the shot. This will help to soothe the inflammation. For this, take an ice-cube and rub it over your palms. Now gently pat on the injection site.(Never rub the ice cube directly on the baby's skin. This will make worse already inflamed skin creating more pain). Once the baby feels a little comfortable with the cold sensation, you can drape an ice-cube in a clean cloth and press it gently over the area. Do this at least twice or thrice during the day.. Hope this answer will help you
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