1 months old baby

Question: my baby is vomitting after feed..He vomits all milk after feeding..why is this happening?

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Answer: Seems like you baby is having issue of Reflux so please feed your baby with little less Milk but if you think your baby is hungry you can increase the frequency of feeding
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Question: My baby is 2.5 months old after feeding he vomits all watery milk
Answer: Hello Dear! Its fine for such young babies to throw up some watery or curdled milk after feed, the milk comes out because the baby's get reflux and the food pipe is also at a developing stage, so when the baby is full the milk and the acid comes back through food pipe. Dont worry this is common in young babies. Burp him/her well after every feed.
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Question: My baby is 3 week old he spits out milk after every feed I am worried why this is happening
Answer: Hi dear, spitting milk in kids is common and absolutely normal. Make sure to burp him properly. Just after feed if baby slept make him sleep sidewide ( karvat per) My elder daughter is also use to spit lots of milk even after burping so i consulted a doctor he said its normal generally babies drank more than their abdominal capacity then they spit out extra milk. Its more common in breast feeded kids as milk is not measured and we also unable to see that how much they are taking. And sometimes it come through nose also. its fine no need to worry, just keep cleaning his face and folds of skin in necks as spitted milk may accumulate there. Take care 😊😊
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Question: After breast feed my baby vomits all milk
Answer: Burp your baby after every feed...this will prevent your baby from vomiting.
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