5 years old baby

Question: My baby is very thin...he looks very weak

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Answer: Hello dear. If your bqby's weight is as per the standard and ur baby js active and eating priperly then there is nothing to be worried. However if your baby is underweight then I am sharing a diet chart for 5 yr old to help you with. Ensuring a healthy diet for your 5-year-old might not always be easy. After all, toddlers are known to be fussy eaters. But you might find inspiration for dishes your child will enjoy with our sample vegetarian meal plan for a 5-year-old. Monday Breakfast: Cucumber (kheera) sandwich, Glass of milk Lunch: Tomato (tamatar) rice, Cauliflower (gobhi), Rasam, Curd Evening snack: Banana (kela) Dinner: Lamb's quarters (bathua) dal, Beans, Chapati Tuesday Breakfast: Wheat porridge (daliya) with raisins (kishmish) and walnuts (akhrot), Glass of milk Lunch: Chickpea (chhola) curry,Carrot (gajar) and pea (matar) sabzi, Rice, Curd Evening snack: Mango (aam) Dinner: Mushroom (kumbh) and paneer curry, Rice, Curd Wednesday Breakfast: Idli with sambhar, Glass of buttermilk Lunch: Lemon (nimbu) rice, Coconut (nariyal) and bean sabzi, Curd Evening snack: Orange (santara) Dinner: Brown lentil (masoor) dal, Pointed gourd (parwal) sabzi, Chapati, Pomegranate (anaar) raita Thursday Breakfast: Fenugreek (methi) paranthawith curd, Glass of milk Lunch: Vegetable pulao, Pineapple (annanas) raita Evening snack: Apple (seb) Dinner: Green banana (kachcha kela) kofta curry, Paneer and capsicum (shimla mirch) sabzi, Rice Friday Breakfast: Semolina (suji) upma with beans, carrots (gajar) and coconut (nariyal),Glass of buttermilk Lunch: Kidney beans (rajma), Okra (bhindi), Cumin (jeera) rice, Curd Evening snack: Guava (amrood) Dinner: Vegetable stew, Appam Saturday Breakfast: Moong dal cheela with curd, Glass of milk Lunch: Besan (gatta) curry, Round gourd (tinda) sabzi, Rice, Curd Evening snack: Pear (nashpati) Dinner: Potato (aloo) and pea (matar)curry, Pumpkin (sitaphal/kaddu) sabzi, Missi roti Sunday Breakfast: Poha, Glass of milk Lunch: Soya granules and potato (aloo) curry, Carrot (gajar) rice Evening snack: Grapes (angoor) Dinner: Vegetable khichdi, Cucumber (kheera) raita Hope this helps.
Answer: Thin is not to mean weak . If baby is playing active means no need to worry . Is baby going underweight .then consult doctor pls .
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Question: My baby is 2 years old,, his weighs only 10 and half and he looks very thin... Is he weak?
Answer: Hi. You could increase his immunity which will intern increase his weight Hi. Serve more fruits and vegetables. Breast milk has immunity-enhancing antibodies which are passed from mother to her baby.  Other than regular curries, you may give salads like cucumber, tomatoes, steamed vegetables like carrots, corn, peas etc. Keep your kid’s vaccination schedule up to date. Do not miss and vaccination or boosters as it leaves your child prone to diseases. Having food at regular times and intervals is good for digestion and helps in keeping body stronger. Having meals at regular times also allows your child’s body to send hunger cues at meal times, which will allow him/her to eat well, which again leads to better immunity Teach healthy hygiene habits to your kids. Make sure they wash their hands before and after having meals and after using toilet. These habits should be inculcated as soon as baby starts having solids. Teach toddlers about healthy and junk food. They are less likely to be tempted by fast, junk food if they are aware that those things are bad for them. Teach them about how they can contract germs from open roadside food, which can make them sick.
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Question: My baby looks very thin bt he active. Is it normal
Answer: Hi.. Weight is just a number. As far as the baby is active and cheerful and achieving all her milestones..there is nothing to worry.Try adding butter, ghee, to your toddler's food. Give baby potatoes, sweet potato, avocado, eggs, banana Daily. You can also give grated cheese in pasta and other preparation. Some great sources of proteins for weight and muscle gaining are eggs, milk, banana,potatoes desi ghee, cheese etc.
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Question: My baby is 6.1kg now he looks very thin
Answer: Hi deartiut baby weight us fine.dint worry about it as long as the baby is growing well and taking proper feeds and us active there us not having to worry. As sometimes the weight gaining also depends in the genes if the baby it the height if the baby So don't worry about that
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