2 months old baby

Question: My baby is very restless...she is acidic and passes air a lot...doctor doesn't suggest any medicine..we put hing water on her navel area..it works but she still do the same..please suggest

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Answer: Hello! Passing gas at this age is not a problem. Infact if the gas doesn't comes out then it will become a problem as the baby will suffer from pain in stomach. Gas is formed due to the reason that the digestive system is still in the formation. So as the baby grows it will be fine. Now coming to pain due to gas is something which cannot be avoided. However, you might try it will occur. When you find the baby crying continuously, not taking milk also, try massaging the tummy with oil and hing. Also cycling exercise helps. You can alternatively apply warm compress with the ajwain potli. Also try to give tummy time on daily basis. It helps the baby to release gas and at the same time strengthens the neck muscles. Take care
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Question: My baby is 24day old she is having gas ND I had put hing on her stomach but still she is having problem plz help me
Answer: Try these Tips • Swaddling. Wrapping baby up tight can soothe your gassy baby by mimicking the coziness of the womb. • Rocking or bouncing. As with swaddling, O’Connor says, the motion of rocking or bouncing simulates the environment in your uterus, helping to relax baby. • Using a pacifier. “Almost all babies will find some baby gas relief by sucking on a pacifier,” O’Connor says, because the sucking action releases endorphins that will soothe baby. • Infant massage. Simply rubbing baby’s belly may be helpful, since massage can help calm the nerve signals in baby’s immature intestines. • Encouraging movement. If your gassy baby is in severe discomfort, try the “baby bike ride.” Lay baby on his or her back and move the legs in an up-and-down pedaling motion. This helps move gas along physically, but also helps soothe and calm nerves in the intestines.
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Question: My baby is very restless and does not sleep on the bed. She only sleeps on my arms Nd as soon as I put her on the bed she wakes up. Please advice. Thanks
Answer: Hello Chote bacho ko time jagta aap ke schedule pe adjust hone ke liye kuch samay layega. Best thing to do is aap baby ke schedule pe adjust hojaye. It ll take your baby 3 to 6 months to sleep in the night. Aap ko rest ki jarorath hai or u ll get frustrated soon. Ghoosa ya mood swings shuro hoge aur aap ki breast milk ki supply par bhi affect hoga.Hope I helped
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Question: My baby is 36 days old n she steches her body a lot n she is very restless through out day n night too... any suggestions
Answer: Hi,don't worry it's normal. If the baby is restless you should check on these points Weather the baby is hungry Weather the baby is wet as they feel uncomfortable ,so you should change their diapers frequently and keep that area if baby dry and clean Weather baby is feeling hot or cold like if the weather is hot and if the baby is wearing too many layer of clothes ,he baby feels sweaty and uncomfortable. Similarly sometimes baby feels more cold so you should keep a check on this.
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