3 years old baby

Question: My baby is very hyperactive ...what should i do?

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Question: My baby head is very dry what should i do
Answer: Winter aa gyi hai. To aap apne bete k ser par desi ghee ki masaj kijiye.. Aap desi ghee ko garam. Kijiye usme kanak aur badam daal dijiye.. Tez aanch par yeh ghee grm kijiye usme badam aur kanak daal dijiye jab badam aur kanak achhe se bhun jae... To aap ghee chhaan lijiye... Us ghee se baby ke ser par masaaj kijiye nehlaane se ek ghnta pehle....
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Question: My boy is 4and half years old but he is hyperactive what should I do
Answer: Hi, hyperactive kids have energy which needs to be diverted to something positive. For this you can start activities at home. Give sorting games like mixing tomatoes and potatoes and asking to sort them or potatoes and onions, taking differrnt color buttons and take a box, cut with knife such a way that only the button goes in and ask the child to put the buttons, then beading. All these can be done. Start with 5 minutes, then give a break and again 5 minutes and continue till 15 minutes. Increase the time slowly like from 5minutes to 10 minutes. So this helps a lot. Also you can start with occupational therapy, that will also help your kid.
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Question: My toddler is 3.5 years old &he is hyperactive child what should I do to encourage him for writing
Answer: Hello, While developing great writing skills requires lots of time and patience.Show lots of interest in your child’s writing and stories.Your children see you writing, often. When writing is a normal part of your daily life, it will come more naturally to them. Make sure your child knows you’re available to help, try creating a worksheet where they can trace letters and words. 
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