3 years old baby

Question: My baby is very hyperactive ...what should i do?

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Question: My baby is 12 months old baby she is become very thin what shud I do
Answer: Dear actually baby dont take food properly thats why they r thin.. Give 3 times cow milk nd 3 timrs complete food ass Besan Chilla Alloo Paratha,Paneer sandvich Cheese butter sandvich .Bread butter Egg wit bread add fresh fruits, green vegetables , dal rice Allo tamatar sabji wit rice veg kichri veg daliya sooji chilla sooji dosa .curd wit rice , cucumber carrort as salad .then give half bowl of curd or buttermilk,,all vegetables, oats,dry fruits ,ragi in diet its hekoful in increasing babies weight.
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Question: My baby is vomiting so much..what should I do
Answer: Hi dear due 2 weak digestive system mild spitting in infants is common so dear aftet evety feed take baby in lap untill baby gives burp .as babies digestive system ll ve strong then baby spits less .and pls check if babybs sitting all over milk which he takes then it should be reported to Dr otherwuse mild spitting s common
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Question: My daughter is having constipation.. what should I do?
Answer: Baby's don't get constipated, breastfed babies can poop even once in 7 days if they are passing gas, do bicycling exercises, give some tummy time also give oil massage on tummy if exceeding 7 days and babys tummy feels hard when touched please visit paediatrician
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