14 months old baby

Question: My baby is using soother ; how can i control him

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Answer: Hi dear as per ur profile it is showing yr baby is now 14 month. So u can frist switch ur baby soother habit to fruit feeder so that baby can learn to have fruits and then u can try to make baby habit of eating finger foods like carrot french fries. These are a good and healthy way to switch ur baby habit. U can stop immediately but slowly gradually reduce the time of baby of taking soother and then u can gradually stop giving.
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Question: Using baby soother is good or bad
Answer: Hi dear Using pacifiers for baby have more advantages only as per surveys it helps for babies digestive system and also it helps to prevent baby from SIDS by offering baby a pavifier at night times...it may cause dental issues in later days but that can be solved and start to stop from 12 months...till 12 months you can offer baby a pacifier to make them feel safe and secure...make sure its a sterlizable and do strelize after each and every use and do change for new pacifier every 2 months of use
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Question: My baby is using soother how can i stop that
Answer: Hello dear. It is actually tough to make babies leave the habit of soother. Start by giving it only at nap-time and bedtime. After a couple of weeks, stopoffering it at nap-time. If your little one fusses, try giving her a cuddly toy instead, or comfort her through rocking and other soothing gestures. Once your child is adjusted to napping without the pacifier, it's time to work on bedtime. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is 22 days born.. should i use soother for him??
Answer: Dear wait till baby is 2-3 months and then gove soother to baby. Because if given this early baby wont know wether he is hungry or not. So it's better to wait for some more weeks..
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