2 months old baby

Question: my baby is two months old she looks through the corner of her eyes or above at times, is it normal... wht shuld i do tht she luks straight

3 Answers
Answer: baby's eyes may be fixed in 3rd month..but if u r worried consult to your doctor
Answer: till 4months u observe n check but till 4months every baby do same
Answer: observed in 3 month....
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Question: Hello my baby has constipation problem she doesn't do potty for two days until l took her to the washroom and she does but she cries too much doing potty what can I do
Answer: If you have started giving solids try giving overnight dry raisin soaked water to baby in the morning, give papaya pear prunes, please avoid banana apple , of this continues please visit paediatrician because baby should not strain so much and cry
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Question: My baby is 4 months 25 days old she never pass urine n stool at night time ....is any serious
Answer: If your baby is doing well and pass urine for more than 7-8 times in a day and pass motion on regular basis then nothing to worry about. It is not mandatory to pass urine or motion at night specially if baby is getting good sleep..
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Question: My 3months old baby head is heat rest of the body is normal. Is it normal or something to worry?
Answer: Blood to brain flows more so baby's head being hot is normal
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