3 months old baby

Question: my baby is two months. he is vomiting after feeding . can someone suggest a solution.

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Answer: hello after feeding u should put ur baby on ur arm/lap and rub his back till hr burp then he will not vomit... after every feed ur baby shud burp
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    Shubhangi Jain673 days ago

    Hii..due to over feeding it is happen..my baby also did this..after burf she vomit

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Question: Hi my baby is two months old.. He is vomiting after every feed... Sometimes he vomit while feeding itself...
Answer: Hello dear, you should change the baby's feeding position to a more upright one. Gravity will play its role in keeping the milk in the tummy if you keep the baby upright for about half an hour after the feed.... Avoid any vigorous activity soon after a meal, which may cause the baby to spit up. Keep feeding times calm and relaxed. Keep noise and distractions to a minimum.  Avoid over feeding the baby..... Burp baby as frequently as possible to get rid of air bubbles that may be trapped below the milk. If the baby fails to burp after a few minutes during a feed, continue with the feed- there may not be any air trapped..... You can eliminate certain foods from your diet to check if the problem resolves, like diary or other foods. Hope it helped, Take care ur little one....  
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Question: My baby is two months old..after feeding she is vomiting .why ? What should i do ?
Answer: As old lady says bache ko hasli pad jati Hai Mera baby bhi Esa krta tha.. Hasli Nikal k thk Hai ab wo.. Ask about dis to ur mil or mom
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Question: My baby is vomiting after breast feeding from 3 days,anyone can give solution Pls?
Answer: Small amount of vomitting after the feed is common. Burp the baby soon after breast feed which is must. Hold the baby in your arms and Pat the back. This will curb your problem.
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