2 months old baby

Question: My baby is two and half month old.. She cries a lot when passing urine.. Is it normal??

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Answer: don't worry dear this is very normal the babies to cry it is because they feel something different on their body due to which they cry and this is there language nothing to worry
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    Thifz Sulzan510 days ago

    Thank you dear..But paed prescribed sporidex drops for thrice a day..I gave but it results in loose stools.. So i stopped..what can i do?

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Question: My baby is 3 and half month old and she spit a lot? Is it normal?
Answer: Hello dear. As per doctor it is quite normal. I had consulted paed for my daughter and she said it is perfectly fine. The only thing she said is to burp the baby so that the milk gets digested. Just ensure that u make ur baby burp after every feed so that this doesnt happen. But if it does do not worry it is quite normal. 1. ) Burp ur baby sitting on ur lap-: Put a cloth bib on your baby or a cloth over your lap to catch any spit-up. Sit your baby on your lap facing away from you. Use one hand to support his body, the palm of your hand supporting his chest while your fingers gently support his chin and jaw. (Make sure you're not putting your fingers around his throat.) Lean your baby slightly forward and gently pat or rub his back with your other hand. 2. ) Or Face down across your lap-: Put a cloth over your lap to catch any spit-up. Lay your baby face down on your legs so she's lying across your knees, perpendicular to your body.Support her chin and jaw with one hand. Make sure your baby's head isn't lower than the rest of her body so blood doesn't rush to her head.Pat or rub her back with the other hand. Note: If you don't get a burp after a few minutes, try a different position. If that doesn't work, it's fine to stop – your baby may not need to burp. Hope this helps.
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Question: My baby is 53 day's old and she always cries while passing urine is it normal
Answer: Hello... It is a sign of dehydration,since your baby is in breastfeeding,you should take lot of water, juices it will help her from dehydration,and also apply castor oil in baby's tummy,it will reduce heat, Don't let her scalp dry,always apply little coconut oil in her head
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Question: My 1 and half month old baby cries a lot before passing urine?
Answer: Small baby do that it's just because it is a new feeling for them and mostly urine disturb them from sleep or confort. So dont worry just feed him frequently after every 1 hour and check if he is having some rashes then apply coconut oil on it that will relieve to baby..
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